Nicole Manuela Virtual Assistant

how i can help

Outsourcing is a smart and affordable way for small business to take back valuable time and invest it in growing their business. Here are a list of services I can offer:

Business Administration Support

Tired of getting behind on your back-end admin. Let me manage that while you focus on growing your business.

  • Business plans

  • Business proposals

  • Strategic plans

  • Feasibility studies

  • Online Research

  • Business document creation, editing and formatting

  • Website management, updating or populating content

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Database Management

  • Email Management

  • Calendar Management, booking meetings/appointments

  • Data Entry

  • Resumes

  • Invoice preparation

  • Personal Assistant tasks

Social Media Management

Want to start a social media account for your business or feeling overwhelmed with the struggle of keeping up with your social media accounts? Let me help by managing your social media accounts.

  • Social media account set up – Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

  • Social media management – content creation, post scheduling, account monitoring and audience engagement.

  • Analytics overview  

Event Management

Do you have the perfect event idea but not quite sure how to pull it off or perhaps you are already an events expert, but you have a bit too much on your plate? This is where I come in, I can assist, or lead with any corporate event, conference, seminar, wedding, party, festival or sports event. Let’s chat through the details, big or small I have got you covered.

Project Management

Have a project that you just don’t have time to complete or better yet, have you been putting off starting because it’s all too hard. Well that’s where I come in and you let me help. Whether it is dealing with service providers, contractors or developing a business case to get a project started, I have got you covered.  

Stakeholder engagement

Wanting to engage with your stakeholders but not sure how? Let’s chat! I have experience in strategic stakeholder engagement and I am more than happy to support you to build genuine, effective and honest relationships with your stakeholders. I will ensure your relationships with each of your stakeholders benefit you and help grow your business. Then again, this just might not be something you want to deal with at all. Well don’t worry, that’s where I come in. Let me develop a custom stakeholder engagement plan that suits you, achieves your businesses goals and I can even deliver it on your behalf.

Personal development

Self-love, wanting to make a change in your lifestyle but not sure where to start?  From setting career goals, to health and well being I can help. This does mean we need to get a little personal and I am totally ready if you are? Take the first step and touch base, we can take it from there.


Sometimes my clients want or need something that my skill set cannot help with and that’s all good, because let’s be honest I’m not a superstar at everything! But don’t worry I still got you covered, I have amazing trusted friends who are superstars in the areas of digital design and website creation.


Ready to take the plunge with me?


Didn’t find what you are looking for? Well I can probably help with that too, just let me know what you need. Or I have superstar collaborators I work with who can deliver on what you are looking for.